How to Donate
  Download Pledge form PDF.
1. Fill in the donor pledge card. Have your signature witnessed by two persons. (If you are not yet 18 have your parent or guardian as one of the witnesses.)
2. Discuss your decision with your family members and friends. Get the signature of your next of kin. The pledge form is considered incomplete without the signature of the next of kin.
3. Please send or mail the completed form to Jeuti Eye Bank, K.K. Handique Path, Jorhat, Assam, Pin : 785001, Ph : Toll free 1919 / 03762301208 /2304500 / 9207410570
4. We will send you in return the donor card stating your pledge.
5. Please carry the donor card with you at all times. If you change your name or address, please inform the Jeuti Eye Bank.

When there is a death & the family wishes to donate eyes:
• Call the Eye Bank immediately.
• Turn off the fan above the deceased body.
• Close both the eyes.
• Place a handkerchief with ice cubes in it, on both closed eyes.
• Raise the head with a couple of pillows.
• Keep the death certificate from a doctor ready.
• Eye donation has to be made within 6-8 hours after death
• Eye donation is a very simple procedure and takes 15-20 minutes.
• After an eye donation there will be no disfigurement. Artificial, life-like eyes are fitted after the removal of eyes.
• Eye donation does not delay or interfere with funeral arrangements.
• The Eye Bank team will recover the eyes wherever the donor is, be it a residence, hospital, mortuary or even a burial ground.
• It is illegal to buy or sell donor eyes.
• Only corneas are transplanted and not the whole eye.
• Eyes can be donated, even if a pledge card is not signed.
• Eye donation is confidential. The identity and details of the donor and the recipient will not be disclosed. The family will receive a letter of appreciation and a certificate from the Eye Bank in a few days. ONE eye donation can restore sight for TWO blind persons.
• An eye donation cannot be accepted when the deceased is known have had AIDS, Hepatitis, Rabies & Syphilis as there are chances of the disease being transmitted to the recipient.
• All religions support, approve and consider eye donation as the most supreme form of gift.